Your Idea


So far we have talked about actual objects – things we possess. But what about ideas? How do we own them? How do we get them? Think about a story that you might create. You have spent a long time thinking about this story and are very proud of it. Where did your ideas come from? How long did it take to come up with the ideas? Once you had the idea what else did you need to do? What else did you have to think about? How did you go about creating your story? What were the different parts of the story that you had to think about? What do you think was original about it ? Is this what made you proud of your story?


Think about something you have created – it might be a story, a painting, a photograph, a piece of music.
In the boxes below write it down and the reasons why you might be proud of it

I created a…
I am proud of it because…

Intellectual Property

intellectualproperty_picThe things we create with our thoughts and imagination can be very important to us. Such creations and their protection are often referred to as “Intellectual Property”

Putting it simply, intellectual property is any new, developed idea created by someone – that is, an invention, story, piece of art or music, film, report, computer software, dance, design or brand.

We all know that ideas are often shown as light bulbs appearing above a character’s head in a moment of inspiration. Well, what if your ideas turned into real light bulbs? Imagine this scenario: every time you had an idea for a story; or a poem; or a song; or a piece of artwork, a light bulb appears in your locker.

In the box below write down some of the things that you have created recently or some of the ideas that you have had.

My ideas and things I have created