Ideas And The People Who Have Them

If ideas are like light bulbs then let’s now think about some of the things that can happen to ideas and the people who have them.

You have thought about your own ideas. Now let’s consider what artists have to think about as they develop their ideas. Whilst you are working on this, you will be exploring ideas of respecting each other’s ideas. We call this respecting intellectual property.
We are going to look at four different types of artists:

An author, A film maker, A painter, A pop band

You will be considering what each artist has to think about when they are developing their ideas into a finished product – a book, a film, a painting and songs and performances.

Choose one of the artists above and then write down everything they would need to develop their first idea into a finished piece of work.

What does each artist need to do when they are creating their work?
What are the different elements they will need to develop?

Write the element’s name under the lightbulbs in the circuit diagram below. When you have finished, press the switch and light up your ideas!