What Is Property?

whatisproperty_iconsAll of us own something – from the clothes that we wear to pens, books, bags and toys. Our parents or guardians might own a car or a TV set or a washing machine. Some might even own their house. These things are known as our “property”.

The dictionary defines “property” as follows: a thing or things belonging to someone;
Here are some synonyms for the word property:
Goods, House, Possessions, Things, Belongings, Personal effects

In the chart below add things that belong to you and form part of your property:

Respecting Property

What would happen if someone took your property and kept it without your permission? What could you do? Who might you tell to help you get your property back?

In the boxes below write down three things that you own. Who you might tell if someone stole this item and then what this person might do to help you get your property back. The first one has been done for you.

Item 1
Item 2
Item 3