What do we mean

What do we mean when we say we ‘value’ something? How do show that we value it?

Make a list of the three things you value most in your life and explain how you show you value them.

When you’re ready print out your list and compare your choices with the rest of the class to see where there is agreement.

Value at what price?

In modern society, we usually associate ‘value’ with money. In other words, gold is considered very valuable and therefore is expensive to purchase. Some things, however, cannot have a price put upon them. Read through this list and sort it into two columns: in one column list that everything that you think can be valued financially and in the other one list all the things you think money cannot buy. Are there any that could go in both columns? If so, explain your reasons.

Extension Task
Download the PDF of some recent news reports. about how digital technology is changing how we value creativity then discuss the questions that follow.

Pay or Free?

We consume digital products created by artists via the Internet. These digital products are the intellectual property (IP) of their creators. Some of these products are freely available to us, whilst we are expected to pay for others.

In the chart below, the first column lists different digital goods. In the next column click either yes no, or both to show whether you would expect to pay for this product. After you have completed the task, discuss your answers with a partner. Where did you agree and disagree?

Pirate Copies

piratecopiesSometimes people download digital products illegally or watch or listen to illegal copies of creative works online via streaming services. These are products we are meant to pay for but we try to get them for free. Or we buy copies cheaper than the original. These illegal copies are called ‘pirate copies’ and those who create them are involved in ‘piracy’. Some people call this “copyright theft”, because the artists lose out. To help you think about this more deeply, discuss the following questions with a partner:

a) Has a friend ever copied your schoolwork or your answers in a test? If so, how did this make you feel?
b) Have you ever copied someone else’s? If so, why did you do it? How did it make you feel?
c) Do you think it’s ever acceptable to copy someone else’s work pretending it’s your own? If not, why do people do it?
d) What would be more embarrassing – to get a bad mark in a test or to be caught out for cheating? Why?
e) How does this idea of cheating or stealing ideas in school compare to downloading purchasable digital products without paying?

Extension Task
What can you find about how the law in your country protects people’s creative work from being stolen or copied?