The joy of films

thejoyoffilmsNothing beats watching a film at the cinema. Films are part of our everyday culture: we like to watch and re-watch our favourites over and over again and if we can share that experience with friends and family, all the better.

We can buy DVDs or download movies from websites after they have been released at the cinema. As we know: we can do this legally via legitimate retail outlets or download sites. Unfortunately, the demand for film is so high that people have developed illegal ways of getting pirated (illegally copied – without the producer’s consent) films to the consumer. These pirated DVDs or illegal downloads are usually cheaper than the real thing, which makes it tempting to break the law for the consumer.

Film piracy is damaging the film industry and more importantly, the individuals who work within the film industry. The professionals behind and in front of the camera are all affected by the illegal pirating industry.

Who gains? Who loses? - a role play activity

You are now going to take part in a “hot seat” exercise.

Choose students to be in the hot-seat acting in role as the following people:

1. Someone who illegally downloads new movies and watches them for free. Explore the reasons why this goes on and why this type of activity is harming the creative industries.

2. A film distributor who is trying to release a low-budget independent film into cinemas. How is film piracy hurting his or her chances?

3. A person who has illegally recorded a movie at the cinema, and who is now sharing it online. Who does this type of activity benefit?

Final Project

That’s MY Idea – getting the message across

It’s clear that we need an anti-piracy campaign. But what’s the best way of getting the message across? Who needs to be aware of the problem? How should we tackle the problem?

Your task is to come up with your own anti-piracy campaign to raise awareness in your school:

Think about: 

WHO you are addressing

WHERE you should place your campaign: online; on paper around the school; via text; in the local press; as a YouTube video etc.

HOW you should get your message across

WHEN you should start your campaign for maximum impact

WHAT you need to say – articulate your message clearly

WHY you are saying it: think about the social, legal and moral responsibilities of each individual when it comes to intellectual property and film theft