Copyright does not last forever.
If a product is in the ‘public domain’ it means it is freely available to be copied.
If you’re not making money out of a website, you can upload any video or music that you like.
You can use a short clip lasting up to one minute from a movie or video clip in your own movie or website without asking permission.
Copyright status is only for well-known, professional authors, musicians, artists and filmmakers.
You bought an official DVD of a Star Wars movie in a shop. It would be illegal to then sell it on EBay.
You read an online article on a news website about the health risks of smoking. If you quote from the article in your school essay on this topic you will be breaching copyright.
You write a brilliant poem that wins a national competition. You did not register your poem before you submitted it to the competition. You are no longer eligible to protect it by copyright.